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Personal Loan for Medical Emergency

Life is unpredictable and can bring with it some unforeseen medical emergencies. Between savings and medical insurances, many of us may find ourselves adequately equipped to face such troubles, but as it is with anything
unpredictable, there is always a risk! With VitaKredite
medical loan, we have you covered! Ensuring that you receive your money in the fastest and most hassle-free manner possible is important to us. Just use VitaKredite to get medical loan and let money be
the least of your problems in such situations!

Free from Collateral

In medical emergencies, it's not possible to take a loan from the lender's office to take a loan and place its collateral at risk. In this situation taking a medical loan is the correct way as the required amount is in your hand.

Loan Repayment Option

A medical loan comes with a manageable tenure of 12 months to 60 months. You can take any of the tenures as per your efficiency. A higher tenure will make the EMI amount less hence the loan strain can be decreased.

Quick Application Approval

When you apply for a personal loan online, it gives you a benefit of never waiting for long hours to receive and approval instant action is taken.The faster you apply for the loan the result will be an instant approval.

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You can trust that all loans found through VitaKredite’s lender-finding service are legitimate, reputable and reliable. We only partner with the best that Switzerland has to offer. VitaKredite is not a payday loan service. The purpose of our loan amounts and terms is not to make ends meet between paydays, so you can be sure that we are genuinely here to help. We’re ready to find you a lender that is ready to give you a fair go.

Finding a small loan with VitaKredite is completely free and Switzerland-wide. We strive to be the only personal loan comparison site you’ll need. Our application form should take just minutes to complete and is done 100% online.


Frequently asked questions

01 Do I have to mention the type or reason for treatment?

No. You do not have to mention the reason for your treatment or what kind of ailment it is. Our medical loan is applicable to all kinds of treatments and medical conditions.

02 Do I have to pay any Down Payment or keep collaterals?

No. You do not have to pay a down payment or keep any collateral for the medical loan.

03 Is it compulsory to provide details of the health provider?

We do not require you to submit your health provider’s details.

04 How can I be eligible to avail a medical loan?

To avail a Medical Loan from VitaKredite, you need to be an Swiss resident or have a visa,  min aged 21 years and above. You should be a salaried professional or self-employed entrepreneur.

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